Nakashima - In Situ - Kevin End Table - November 2017 (1) copy.jpg
Frenchman's Cove I_2 copy.jpg
Asa No Ha Floor Lamp copy.jpg
Asa No Ha Floor Lamp_5 copy.jpg
Bahut (5) copy.jpg
Bahut (13) copy.jpg
Nakashima - In Situ - Host Chair Rocker - November 2017 copy.jpg
Conoid Lounge Chair (1) copy.jpg
Carpenter Coffee Table_5 copy.jpg
Conoid Studio copy.jpg
Conoid Chair_7 copy.jpg
Chest of Drawers - Double (1) copy.jpg
3' Chest of Drawers_10 copy.jpg
Conoid Lounge Chair (7) copy.jpg
Conoid Three-Legged End Table copy.jpg
Conoid Studio Exterior copy.jpg
Drop Leaf Dining Table_8 copy.jpg
Custom Bench_11 copy.jpg
Custom Bench_13 copy.jpg
Grass Seated Chair with Danish Cord_3 copy.jpg
Grass Seated Chairs - Cherry_1 copy.jpg
Host New Chair copy.jpg
Finishing copy.jpg
Grajales Night Stand_6 copy.jpg
Greenrock Ottoman (12) copy.jpg
Maple Burl Stool_5 copy.jpg
Interiors - 11-9-15 (2) copy.jpg
Chair Shop copy.jpg
Minguren Ando Desk lamp (2) copy.jpg
Minguren I Coffee Table (1) copy.jpg
Jerry's Table copy.jpg
Minguren I End Table (1) copy.jpg
Odakyu Cabinet_3 copy.jpg
Special Odakyu with Lights (2) copy.jpg
Special Odakyu with Lights (4) copy.jpg
Nakashima - In Situ - Conoid Room Divider - November 2017 copy.jpg
Sectional Sofa_6 copy.jpg
Tsuitate Sofa (4) copy.jpg
Widdicomb Sofa_2 copy.jpg
Portraits - 11-9-15 copy.jpg
Reception House 2 copy copy.jpg
Wohl, Wepman and Stool_1 copy.jpg

George Nakashima Woodworker

I have been honored to be taking photos for George Nakashima Woodworker since 2011. We have been compiling shots for their new website as well as their catalog & archive. Being able to photograph these beautiful pieces made by such talented people has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.